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Chemical Products Branch
Metal materials branch
Iron ore branch
Scrap metals branch
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〖Hangzhou Hanggang Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Co., Ltd.〗

Add: A24,Oceanwide International Center,No 2 Xiangzhang RD,Hangzhou CBD,China
Postcode: 310016
Fax: 0086-571-88001660
E-mail: hgft@www.cutpricejewelry.com

Hangzhou Office Tel: 0086-571-88001600   
Planning&Financial Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001615
Iron Ore Dept Tel: 0086- 571-88001642
Scrap metals Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001635
Metal Material Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001629
Non-ferrous Metal Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001656
Chemical Products Dept I Tel: 0086-571-88001625
Chemical Products Dept II Tel: 0086-571-88001678
Steel Products Dept

Tel: 0086-571-88001631

Energy Resource and Electrical Euips Dept Tel: 0086-571-86799705
Timber and Pulp Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001651
Fluorite and Minerals Dept Tel: 0086-571-88001639   
Ningbo Managing Dept Tel: 0086-574-87214630
Fax: 0086-574-87214503
Sure Gem (Tianjin) International Trade Co.,Ltd Tel: 0086-022-23707488